Sunday, May 6, 2007

Charter school teachers resign

The New York Post is reporting that the remaining teachers of a Bronx Charter School have walked out of the school. They tendered their resignations at the International Leadership Charter School and so have 4 others during the year.
They cite that the Principal as abusive and a tormentor. So now this school has a staff of zero to teach the children. The teachers wanted to stay until the end of the year but they were escorted off the property. That sounds good to me teachers speak out, get removed and the school still stays open. Does anyone else see a problem here?
Our Mayor would like to see more charter schools. This is a big problem since teachers at these schools have no union to protect them. No one to go to file a grievence if they are being treated unfairly. So the teachers are harassed and the students ultimately end up paying the price. While the parents are clamouring to help their children and are applying in droves for what they think is a better solution of their children, it is not. Not when a Principal can get away with harassing teachers knowing they have no place to turn. It makes it a hostile working enviroment and who ends up paying in the end? The same that always end up paying the children.

as of yesterday :
still no survery in the mail for the high school


Pissed Off Pedagogue said...

The whole charter school "movement" is designed as a union busting move. Not only were these teachers harrassed but their health insurance lapsed since they have no union overseeing basic rights of these teachers as workers. On another note, that "survey" was another public relations move by KleinBloom to shut those pesty parents up. It's total b------t. Tweed is nothing but a contract mill for greedy friends of the mayor and chancellor, who are unbelievably incompetent as education leaders.

Pissed Off Pedagogue said...

News flash, PO'd Mom!! Received that survey in a dark green envelope yesterday. It asks all of 14 questions. Guess where the question about class size is?? Why it's #13 out of the 14 questions!! Way to go, KPMG/DOE!!!! You all have your priorities straight, now don't you?
That's the question that addresses the most vital concerns of most parents I speak to, BUT WHOEVER FILLS OUT THE SURVEY CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE!!! The question asks, "Which of the following would you most like your school to make?" So I have to choose, among 10 choices, between, for example, "Smaller class size", or "Less preparation for state tests". They also ask parents about "more teacher training". Why are parents being asked that question? Isn't that part of what an administration determines? Oh, I forgot...they're not educators, they're lawyers. I think there should be less lawyer training, OK?

Pissed Off Mom said...

I got my survey today as you can see by my newest post I could not agree with you more on every statement you said