Friday, May 4, 2007

still no

that is correct survey.
It is okay I am sure I will receive it the day before the deadline.
Do us all a favor and don't have a big press conference telling us what you are doing when you are full of hot air.


17 more years said...

From the DOE website:
Deadline for Surveys Extended to June 1To be sure that everyone has sufficient time to fill out their surveys, we are extending the deadline for returning surveys until June 1. Regrettably, the DOE survey vendor, KPMG, was not able to send out all the surveys in a timely manner. Some surveys have already arrived at schools and the rest - including parent surveys sent to homes - should arrive next week.

KPMG? Why did a top firm (and undoubtedly, one that charges megabucks) need to be the one distributing school surveys? (Perhaps Mayor Mike and Chancellor Joel think the avergage peon- oh, excuse me, parent or teacher-is too ignorant to recognize the name of the company).

Pissed Off Mom said...

That is the same thing I said to Mr. Pissed Off yesterday. I am sure that others are thinking the same. Unless they were born yesterday.