Friday, May 25, 2007

Children First... the first slash

What do you do, when your Principal informs you that teachers in your school are retiring but you will be using that money elsewhere since we are strapped for cash? You don't want to sacrifice the arts now, do you?
It is okay if we have a class of 40 because they are older children and they will be just fine. Hey I broke my finger the other day and I don't need to go to the doctor for an x-ray because it will heel and it will be just fine.
I truly don't believe (okay I do but I am playing devil's advocate) that BloomKlein or (as I am going to steal the phrase) Tweedledee and Tweedledum. knew what was going to come down the pike when Principals chose this we need the money alternative.
I believe they chose this route so they can come up with another convoluted plan that will SUCK!!! Then they will blame it on KPMG, or Alvarez and Marsal, or the Principal or the parents but they will never blame themselves.
I have already heard the rumblings that are going to occur and why not at a better time than May and June when the parents can get all worked up and then be left holding their collected breaths over the summer hoping that somehow it will work out and 30 children will mysteriously move into your neighborhood over the summer and more money will appear.
It is time for the parents of ALL schools to get together and hold a rally, or a press conference or whatever just to let the politicians know what we know, no matter how many times you spray deodorizer on the garbage, it is still garbage.

Oh and those of you that say this is not my problem wake up and smell the coffee, because what happens in my school today happens in yours tomorrow.

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